Because she actually, honest-to-goodness didn’t expect it. I like that. She’s such an outlier that she wouldn’t bet on herself, out of a sheer desire not to lose a bet. That’s cool, and so the win and the speech – despite the molecule business – talked to me.

But I was surprised at the mushy bit about Michael Sheen. I’m most into Sarah Silverman as my perpetually childish buddy, and she plays it really well, despite the fact that we are just about three months away from her 44th birthday.

Yes. She’s like Weird Al. She doesn’t age. You thought she was 36, didn’t you?

So…does she have to change it up? Allison Janney is rocking so hard at being a strong woman staring down her age. Sarah Silverman either doesn’t act hers, OR, and this is very possible, can you be silly and immature and dorky and have that be a perfectly valid way to be almost 44? I’m not trying to make a statement here. I mean maybe, but I’m actually curious. What do we think? Cute, or enough already?

Also, how was she the only, like, counter-culture person allowed to appear on the show? It’s because she has long hair, right? Middle America isn’t scared of her haircut? I mean, did you see her on Masters of Sex? Short hair was a total boner-killer, right?