The Screen Actors Guild announced its nominations today and we'll get to more of that later but I just want to single out Sarah Silverman because OMG, she's been included in the list of Best Actresses along with Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, and Brie Larson. As I mentioned just last week in a post on her 45th birthday, Sarah's performance in I Smile Back is right up there with any of the actors in the field. Click here for a refresher. Those were my words! But I also said I didn't think there was any chance she'd be nominated because the film isn't great and hasn't gotten much play at all.

Her peers though had something else in mind.

Will she win?

Right now the race seems to be between Brie and Saoirse. That seems to be where the campaigns are heading. But in Sarah’s case, this nomination really is the win. WIN!

Attached -  Sarah at The Hollywood Reporter's 24th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast this morning in LA.