One of our favourites is celebrating a birthday today. Sarah Silverman is 45. Yesterday she was out shopping with Michael Sheen. I just posted about Gwen and Blake and how their Try is getting so tired so quickly. Sarah and Michael? The opposite. I don’t have to catch up with them often. When I do catch up with them it’s always a good time.

Sarah’s film, I Smile Back, was just released a few weeks ago. Sarah Cinesnark reviewed it last month – click here for a refresher. I saw I Smile Back with Sasha at TIFF because I covered the premiere. It’s not great. But she is unbelievable in it. You should see it just for this performance. She will break you. In my mind, it’s a performance that’s right up there with any of the Best Actress contenders in the field, though there’s no way she’ll be nominated because there’s no buzz around the movie.

Still, it’s a major move for her professionally, a bold declaration that she’s not limited to funny, that her range extends far beyond expectations, and that she can 100% lead a dramatic feature. Hopefully, with I Smile Back, it means that she’ll now be offered more than what she’s been offered so far. That her name is now on the list of consideration. For what? For anything. Sarah Silverman has been underrated for too long.