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Sasha Posted by Sasha at June 3, 2013 18:24:41 June 3, 2013 18:24:41

I don't know if you have this problem or if it's just me, but it drives me absolutely yank my own eyeballs out bat shit insane when random strangers ask me "Where are you from?", "What ARE you?"   I'm of Chinese ethnicity but raised in white town, suburbialand, no accent, and I won't even go near anything with a Coach print. WHAT IS THE POINT of that question?? Our kind is everywhere, not a rare oddity.  My friends think it's funny when I bark at people "IM A F-CKING HUMAN BEING WHAT THE F-CK ARE YOU?" So am I an overreacting raging grump, or are people actually f-cking idiots?


Take a look at this right now and I’ll meet you back on the other side.

Okay, so that about sums up how you feel, right? 

But A, here’s my answer to both your questions: yes and yes. Yes, some people are f-ucking morons and not only lack education but tact but on the flipside yes, I do think you’re spazzing out just a tad.

I don’t mean to trump your ass, but as a mix I get asked the “what are you” question ALLLLL the time. Now here’s the difference: I could give two sh-ts. The people who are asking me this aren’t wearing a white robe and matching pointy hat; in my experience they are just interested or trying to make conversation. Sure, sometimes the question doesn’t come out sounding right or polite, but that’s on them.

Look, I’m super proud of my background – I was born in Hong Kong and  I’m half Yugoslavian and half Chinese. I’ll tell anyone who wants to know. And to be honest, when I watched that video and the guy said he knew a good teriyaki restaurant, I was waiting for him to name the f-cking joint. Yes, I’m Chinese and I like Chinese food. So what?

My point here is that I just feel like you’re being overly sensitive. If someone is asking you where you’re from, it doesn’t mean that they expect you to have a Hello Kitty tattoo. Having said that though, you will (of course) encounter (the occasional) racist pricks along the way, and if one drops the C word then yes, by all means, drop kick their ass. 

I just think that instead of losing your cool on this topic, you should take a moment to figure out what their intentions are and drop some knowledge on them, y'know?

Thanks for writing in!  Oh and if I could just say one more thing to my fellow Asian females: LOVE YOUR EYES, STOP FUCKING WITH THEM

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