Dear Sasha, I recently created an online dating profile for kicks, but ended up encountering a guy that seems to have great potential.  He is witty, educated, and really... really attractive.  We've been messaging for over a month now, and are going to be going out this week.  The only reason it's taken so long to meet is because we were both travelling over the holidays.  
I spent the fall struggling to quit my pack-a-day smoking habit.  I finally succeeded, having coincidentally smoked for the last time on the day he first messaged me.  I coped with nicotine withdrawl by eating EVERYTHING.  I gained over ten pounds in less than two months.  It does not look good - most of it seems to have landed on my face, the rest around my mid-section.   My profile pictures are only two months old and were chosen to be representative of what I actually looked like, but when this guy meets me, he is going to get a surprise because I am a lot chubbier than I was two months ago.  
I don't know what to do.  I am not worried that he is so shallow that a few extra pounds are his deal breaker, but that he will be turned off by how different I look.  Well, and worried that he won't find me attractive, but there is nothing to be done about that.  Please advise me that to do! Thank you! R

R, woman to woman - 10 pounds ain’t no thang.  I know, I know, you feel gross and uncomfortable, I get that, but look if this guy is turned off by a temporary ten stack, then he’s a moron.   Plus the fact of the matter is he’s totally not going to notice.

Do you remember the other week when Lainey wrote about the disappearing act otherwise known as Kate Bosworth?  Point is, dudes don’t notice anything unless it’s extreme ie, they’ll only notice if you’re Olive Oyl death-skinny or Andre the Giant colossal.   Even then they probably need someone to point it out to them.  And cross my heart, I’m really not saying this just to make you feel better about the situation, it’s just a fact.  

So seriously, don’t waste any more time stressing about this.  Make a date with the dude, work out like you normally would (click here for a good Hayley workout), drink a sh-t tonne of water, find a good outfit, and you’ll be GOLDEN!