I just started dating a guy and all he wants is sex. Whenever I try to get personal with him, he would shut me up( like he doesn't want me to get closer to him) and i am kinda getting sick of that, he tells me he loves me but I aint sure about that and I am kinda thinking of breaking up with him but I love him. What should I do?


What you need to do is start redefining the term “love” because if you think it’s 24/7 deep dicking then you need to check yourself.

T, step back and ask yourself how you honestly feel in this relationship. Seriously, if it was that great you certainly wouldn’t be writing to me, would you?  And look, if you can’t at least check off a couple simple criteria like feeling respected and fulfilled then you can’t say you’re in a loving and healthy relationship.  To me it sounds like you’ve set the bar really really low, so pretty please ditch him, move on and start working on some self-reflection.

As a sidebar, when I come across situations like this, it’s no wonder there’s no longer any great R&B music anymore.  Gone are the days where men sing about their women as Queens; instead all you hear is how many hos they can get face down and ass up.  I’m so bored by these misogynist lyrics and even more bored by women who think that this is how they should be treated.  Please, let’s all demand more for ourselves.  Rant. Over. 

Oh and if you need a reminder of what GREAT R&B is....take a listen to this!