Hi Sasha, I broke up with my boyfriend about 3 weeks ago after dating for 16 months. We have had little contact since but it was a pretty civil breakup.  I purchased us a cooking class gift certificate for which the date is coming up, since it is in my name I was planning on going with a friend but am nervous for an awkward encounter in case he shows up. I already changed his name from the reservation but he wouldn't know this, any thoughts of if I should make contact or just see how it plays out? Thanks, Confused N


I don’t want to come off as an asshole here, but I’m a bit shocked that you don’t know how to make the call on this one. 

I mean, why would you even want to chance him showing up?  Not only would the “not-knowing” give you needless anxiety leading up to the class, but what if he does go?!  

If the whole point is to avoid awkwardness then I’m pretty sure having to kick him out in front of a room full of people is oh, I don’t know, the worst. Look N, this is a real no-brainer.  Send the dude a text.  All it needs to say is:

“Heads up - I’m going to use that cooking class - bringing X instead. Hope you’re keeping well.”

Done and done.