Dear Sasha, I love wine.  I love red wine.  I won't hesitate to spend $20, $40, $60 on a bottle of wine.  So here is my question to you:  whenever I go to a dinner party, house party, etc. I always bring the host a gift and a bottle of the wine that I would drink.  Sometimes when at these parties, the host provides great wine as well but also, some provide the cheapest wine they can find.  When asked by the host what I would like to drink, is it rude of me to ask them to open the bottle that I brought if they are serving cheap wine?   L.

This question made me laugh because it makes me realize what low classy standards I actually have.  Sure, I love great wine, but most of the time when I’m at a party I could care less what I’m funneling down my throat – I’m just there to get a good buzz and have some sh-ts & giggles.   But I know that there are a lot of wine snobs like you out there, and tasting a bad grape is like a fart in the face. (Lainey: not only wine snobs but red wine snobs. I have friends who straight up refuse to drink white wine…EVER!)

So L, you have two options:

a) Be polite and drink the wine your host pours.  In other words suck it up figuratively and metaphorically. Unless they are serving you urine in a bottle, one night will not kill your palette.  

b) Bring two bottles of wine – one for the host and one for yourself.   Tell them that you love this wine so much you even byob’d for yourself.  Just seem excited that this is something you want everyone to try as well.   If they don’t know you they’ll think that this is a kind gesture, but if these people do know you well, well, who are we kidding, they’ll already know you’re a major wine snob anyway, right?  So, bottoms up!