After a breakup of a long term relationship, I took some time to myself to recover. Nearly three years of celibacy, to be exact.  Then I met a guy who I found really physically attractive and my sex drive just seemed to take off. I was almost sexually harassing this dude every time I met him, which makes things even worse looking back.

Anyway, when we finally got around to having sex he couldn't get hard (He has just come out of a serious relationship -  and finds condoms impossible, he said) but we fooled around. I enjoyed that so much that last night, I was passing by his house and I thought I'd make a booty call (I know, I know.. I would NEVER ordinarily do ANYTHING like this but I was in need of sex. For real) and he couldn't get me out of there fast enough - without having sex, I might add.

I woke up this morning feeling stupid and vulnerable and embarrassed. I don't want a relationship, I just wanted to get laid and now I feel stupid, like I've been coming on way too strong like a crazy stalker. What would you advise? S


A hungry girl’s gotta eat - I hear ya - but S, sounds like you've been out of the game a tad too long because a booty call usually requires a call, you know, like as in, booty CALL. Ring ring!

Some form of text, smoke signal, just some sort of heads up would have been a better idea. I know all you wanted was just a good ol’ honest boning, but if you’ve been on his ass AND then you randomly show up to his house unannounced, you gotta know that’s coming on too strong.

Now if you’re asking if you’ll ever see him again? I'd say, probably not. I think you may have terrified the guy for good. So next time, just keep your game a little tighter. I’m not saying you have to dull down your horniness, but I’d definitely peel back on all the pressure if I were you. 

Look, in the scheme of things who the f-ck cares.  I know you feel embarrassed, but I think you have to laugh this one off. It’s not like this dude was the love of your life or anything so just know there will be others.  In the meantime get yourself some porn to lighten the load.  

Thanks for being so honest and keep me posted! And for all of you reading – it’s your turn! Send your LIFE + STYLE questions to [email protected]