Need your help. There is a woman at my work who is a bit "bigger" who I think is trying to bond with me over food, which is fine. But now the things she says I'm starting to think she is like "well we're just big girls together" kind of thing.

I’m freaking out because am I looked as as a “fat” person and I don't know it? Or am I completely paranoid?


L, let me break down my thoughts to you on this in three simple points.

1. There are three go-tos in any light conversation: weather, weekend plans and food. To me L, this is a case of a nice colleague trying to find some common ground with a fellow female. And seeing as we all consume food on the regular it’s really not that far of a conversation reach.

2. Just because you talk to someone about your passions or interests doesn't mean that you are the direct embodiment of that conversation.  

3. This is the most redonk letter. Ever.

Seriously L, you are being super tweaky about all of this. If a simple chit-chat about some recipes or like, I don’t know, how good her sandwich is that day has put you in this much of a tailspin then it’s time to check yourself. For realz. You’re obviously feeling insecure about a few things going on in your life and hey, listen, if one of those things is that you're not feeling so great about your body right now then, okay, let's concentrate on how to get you back on track. That would be the more sane thing to do as opposed to projecting or judging your colleague. 

Chew on that for a bit.....