Hey Sasha,  So this is going to start off with some back story. I'm 19-years-old and a triathlete. One day, I walked in to a triathlon store to buy a new swimsuit and probably the hottest guy I've ever seen was working. So after an hour of flirting, he asks for my number and OF COURSE I gave it to him. So we hang out a few times (by hang out I mean work out and get food afterwards) and flirt a lot...but he never makes a move. I finally get it out of him that he has a girlfriend, and she's not just any girl. They've been on and off for six years, she was his first love-that kind of girlfriend. This news upsets me and I end up professing my love for him; however, instead of scaring him away it just made him want to f-ck me on the side. So after a few months of sexting, I decided there was no chance of this happening because I have morals. I explicitly told him this and said I'd like to be friends because I genuinely like hanging around the dude. He got kind of pissed, and now every time we talk it always leads somewhere sexual and he calls me "boring" and tries to guilt trip me when I won't play into. For example, one time I wouldn't respond and he told me he was "over" the whole situation and then the next day told me that he wants to bone and that I shouldn't let my emotions ruin a fun time. Like WHAT THE F-CK. It sucks because I like him, and generally I don't get much attention from guys. Did I mention he's 31 and just asked his girl to marry him? I know he's not going to leave her but he's that guy who I can't seem to ditch. Advise me please! C

This makes me so sad and not in that boo-hoo kind of way, but in that I-feel-bad-that-you-don’t-value-yourself-more kind of way.  

Seriously, what has happened in your life that makes you think that the best you can be is someone’s sloppy seconds? Because if you think you’re special to this guy, dream the f-ck on. The only thing this guy wants to know more about is the goods between your legs. Trust me, if you weren’t falling face first into his dick-sucking trap, he’d replace your ass with someone in a second. So I ask you – does it feel good knowing that you will never be his first pick? Jesus Christ Superstar, I hope the hell not.  

C, I know you want me to get on the WTF-is-his-problem train, but the only question that comes to mind is WTF is your problem? I know I’m coming off super harsh, but if you haven’t clued in that you should be bolting in the opposite direction, then sh-t, you’re going to need all the tough love you can get.  So please do yourself a favor and demand a little bit more from yourself and in the wise words of Monica, don’t be a “side line ho”.