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Sasha Posted by Sasha at April 22, 2014 19:02:44 April 22, 2014 19:02:44

Hi Sasha, I’m in the midst of a slightly unusual money problem and would love to get your opinion on the subject.  My parents divorced very amicably when I was young and I was brought up by both of them along with my brother, dividing my time between the two of them. Both my houses were beautiful and I had a wonderful childhood and never wanted for anything although I was definitely not spoilt. My pocket money stopped when I was 13 and I was told that if I wanted the latest clothes or CD’s I needed to get a job. If I wanted a birthday or Christmas present that was over a certain amount that I had to subsidise it myself. This never bothered me though. I was taught the value of money form a very early age and that if you wanted something you should work for it. I grew up in a middle class area and in many households money wasn’t scarce, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really judge people who were just bankrolled by mummy and daddy in school.

I’m currently in University and when I finish in a couple of months I’ll start a job earning below the national average. Again, this doesn’t bother me. I’m ambitious and I know I’ll work my way up. Last week though I went home and my dad called me to say we needed a ‘chat’. He revealed that there is a certain amount of money hidden away for me until my next birthday. £50,000 with more instalments to follow. I know. He then started dropping things in like “I’ve got a further £20,000 in case you want to travel the world when you finish University.” Travel the world?! I'm getting a job! I’m completely shocked by the whole thing and feel like my childhood was somewhat a lie. I feel like if I accept this money I’ll just become the kids at school I couldn’t stand and if I don’t accept it then I’m just a self-righteous brat. It’s really messed with my head. Thanks! I xxx


I’m really trying to be sympathetic here T, but how can you think anything other than: JACK F-CKING POT! Sh-t, instead of stewing about this why the hell aren’t you making it rain on someone’s…anyone’s…face? 

Now while I totally commend you for not wanting to take advantage of this situation, I gotta say, you’re being way too heady about it all. T, you’ve obviously made a concerted effort to never become some Laguna Beach brat who doesn’t understand the value of money. Quite the opposite – you know how hard it is to earn and how hard it is to keep; that’s not going to vanish from your head just because you’ve got some bank in the bank.  

The other thing is that T, you’re all caught up in judging and being judged when the only person doing that is, helllooooooooo, you. Just because someone has money or comes from money doesn’t mean they’re automatically a vapid human being because if they were ummm, what does that make you now? The answer is the same old, driven, respectful person....with a little less money stress.

The fact that I’m here trying to convince you of how lucky you are is not only majorly stupid, but it’s almost insulting to the 80% of the population that doesn’t have nor will ever have the opportunities you do. So sh-t T, stop being such a kill-joy and let yourself f-cking enjoy it.

(Lainey: this article reminded me of Overboard, for some reason. One of my favourite Goldie Hawn movies.)

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