Hey Sasha, I'm casually seeing this guy and from the first time we had sex I told him I did not want a relationship with him. He seemed ok with that.
The thing is, dude is really f-cked up at the moment because he just broke up with his girlfriend (for the 100th time). We met when they were off but he kept seeing me when they were on (we've been seeing each other for a few weeks). Now here's the problem: sometimes he can't get it up... It's kind of awkward. He says it's because he's emotionally scarred and is having a difficult time but wants to keep seeing me. I'm willing to take my time with him because I'm too lazy to look for another guy, but now he's saying he wants to watch movies or go out to eat together so that he feels less pressured to deliver. Fine, I watched a movie with him, we didn't end up having sex and just slept together! What do I do? Should I be understanding and give him time to get over his girlfriend by hanging out with him or should I just bail and find someone else? Thank you! G.


I call BULLSH-T.
To be honest, I don’t really know what you’re asking me here, but what I do know is that you’re not just in this for some deep dicking. I say that, because if you were really in it just to knock some boots, then you wouldn't need me to tell you that a limp wang is a deal breaker. You’d already know.

G, I think you might actually like this guy, because otherwise, I don't understand the internal conflict. I'm guessing you’re sort of enjoying spending time with him, but you’re too afraid to admit it because he still has feeling for his ex.

Let me answer the question you’re not outright asking me:  rebound relationships *rarely* work so if you DO really like him then I’d take a time out so that he can resolve his feelings before taking another step forward with you. I'm not saying it will work, but it’s your best bet.

Okay, so are you yelling at me telling me that I’ve gotten it all wrong? Fine, if I have misread the situation (which I know I haven’t) then it’s even easier: roll your lazy ass onto the next dick and call it a f-cking day.

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