Hi Sasha. I met this guy a few days ago, we`ll call him W, who I`ve actually been checking out since the beginning of the semester. I saw him outside of class and just went up to him and talked and was really happy to find out that he seems like a great guy. We talked for a while and he shook my hand twice, when we first introduced ourselves and when I left, if that even means anything. The next day we had class and he was sitting with his friend a couple rows ahead of me to the left. After I sat down I look up and see the friend looking back at me but he
turned away really fast and told W something. They said a few things back and forth and out of the corner of my eye I see W look back at me while getting something out of his bag. I`m choosing to take this as a positive sign and hoping they weren`t talking bad about me if it was
even me they were talking about. Anyways, since meeting we haven’t talked but I really want to get to know him better yet not make it obvious I like him. What should I do? I know talk to him, but how? I`m being a child about it. I should say though its not in my nature to make the first move and am kinda sad he hasn`t come up to me. I would love your take on all this.
Thanks! M

M, I don’t have any magic one-liners, actually to be honest I have zero game, but I can say that as a general playa rule you need to lay the groundwork for the sexual tension to build.  It’s only been a few days since you guys really acknowledged each other so you’ve gotta let the intrigue brew for a couple more weeks.  

We all know that the chase is 99% of the fun, so if I were you I’d just sit back and enjoy the eye f-cking for a bit longer.  Now, once it gets to the point where you think your underwear is going to fly off your ass and smack him in the face, that’s when it’s time to make another move… if he hasn’t already.  

I mean, M, I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit here. You’ve already had a good interaction with him, so why not do it again.  I don’t know what you guys chatted about last time, but next time ask him what he’s doing on the weekend.  I don’t mean ask him out on a one-on-one date, but find out what parties he’s going to.  That’s all you can really do, and from there it will naturally progress …or it won’t.  You know?  

All I’m saying here is ENJOY this ride.  This was the kind of stuff I lived for in my uni days, and in retrospect I wish I had chilled out a bit more and savored the moments.  So M, have fun with it, be yourself, and take a risk.