Hi Sasha, I'm having a baby. It's still new and fresh and we haven't told many people yet, waiting until we make it through the first trimester. We're excited and obviously terrified. I'm also nervous, but not for the obvious reasons: I have a lovely group of girlfriends, but there is a big contingent of my besties who don't love kids. Some are Team Lainey and I'm struggling with whether or not/how I should tell them I'm having a baby.

How do I deal with the inevitable eye-roll when I have to skip a function because I can't find a sitter, or worse, their disdain if I bring the little one to a girls' only brunch?  M 


I can’t tell if you might just have the worst friends on earth or if you've totally blown out of proportion how your friends feel about kids. I think I’ll go with the latter…

M, regarding this whole “Team Lainey” thing, let’s get something straight: Lainey doesn’t want kids of her own, but it’s not like she f-cking hates our friends’ kids. Not even close. In fact, I’ve seen her hold them, and yes, even smile at them. And she’s pretty damn in love with her cousin’s kids - she shows me pictures of them like a proud Auntie. I'm sorry to bust the illusion, but Lainey doesn't secretly want to eat little children. (Lainey: Marcel and I like to wear our hair the same. Look at him. He’s such a boss.)

So who’s the one wigging out in all of this? Well, M, my gut is telling me that would be you. And it’s totally understandable, I’d freak the f-ck out too if I was pregnant because - yes - there’s a whole world of change coming your way. The good news is that change will no doubt be awesome (most of the time) and if your besties are as ‘lovely’ as you say they are then they will be elated, excited and incredibly supportive of you and this new addition to your girlfriend gang.

So don’t be a weirdo, okay? Just tell them.

Attached- pregnant Isla Fisher out in Los Angeles on the weekend. 

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