Hi Sasha, I can't stand my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend.  We have a really close friend group and this girl is horrible, annoying, disrespectful and we’re all pretty convinced she’s just with him because he has money.  My boyfriend though doesn’t really care and is still happy to hang out with them but I told him more than once that I do not like how she acts but what can I do? S


Well, now you know how Beyoncé must feel about Kim Kardashian.  

Jay-Z awkward not hug Kim Kardashian Kanye West wipe mouth BET Awards Beyonce wtf .gif

Before I go on, can I trust that you’ve really given this girl a go?  I mean, it must be really hard for her to come into such a close knit group of friends. I'm saying this because sometimes when people feel insecure their first defense is to act like an asshole. So S, I just want to make sure that you’ve tried to peel back the layers and put in the effort…..

Now if you've done due diligence and this girl is truly a money grubbing sh-t head, you're still not in a position to ask him to stop dating her. You know that. The only thing you can do is suck things up and keep contact with her to a minimum. I'm not saying you should throw shade her way, just keep your distance. If you’re at a get-together and she’s there, be polite and carry on. It’s really that easy.

Look, I get that you feel protective over your group of friends, but as we get older you’ll find that some crap ones get siphoned through now and again. There’s not much you can do but wait it out.

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