Sasha, I need your advice. I know this is going to sound superficial, but it is bothering me a lot. I'll start by saying that I am happily married to the love of my life. I am so happy with my life and I hope I don't come off as sounding resentful at all. We want fours kids all close in age so I've been getting pregnant when each baby is 6 months old (currently expecting #3). My husband and I both value my looks so I work my ass off to lose all the weight within three months after the baby so I can look "good" for a few months and not let any extra weight carry forward. The problem is that I HATE that my husband is participating in Movember! I know it's a great cause and it's only a month, but there are a lot of great causes out there that he could get involved in! I just hate staches in general, he can NOT pull one off, and it reminds me of his dad (yuck). The part that really bothers me is he says he is going to do it every year! I know I'm extra emotional right now and that most people have bigger problems, but I just think of how much effort I put in to look great for him. I think he should either shave it off or promise this is the only year he'll do it. Am I just being a cranky bitch or is there a way I can change his mind?? Thank you!!!! L


I’ve been staring at my computer trying to figure out how to answer this because I don’t know if it’s appropriate to swear at a pregnant lady….

L, you must be cranked up on some major baby hormones right now because your view on this is all kinds of wacked out.  Look, I get it, your husband has three pubic hairs growing from his upper lip – sick, I agree – but you really need to loosen up a bit and understand that it’s just some funny sh-t that dudes do this month…..not to mention a great way TO RAISE MONEY FOR PROSTATE CANCER!!!

Let me flip the switch on you for a second, okay?  My husband has a beard; I love it, and if he were to shave it off my vagina would go soft looking at his preteen face.  He knows this.  However if there was some great new campaign that made him clean faced for a month, there is no way I’d ever convince him not to do it.  Would I touch him?  No.  Would I support him?  Yes.

I understand that you both place a lot of importance on staying fit and attractive for each other; I think that’s great, but I wonder if all the pressure from that is catching up to you.  The way I see it a few extra pounds or a few sprigs of unwanted hair shouldn’t be THIS big of a deal.  So L, if I were you I’d take a seat, eat a donut and enjoy a few laughs this month. 

Thanks for writing in! xx  Keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming here.