Hi Sasha, I'm the person who swore she'd never do online dating, but at 22 and having never dated anyone, I decided to swallow my pride and go for it. This Sunday I had a great first date with a guy who was very sweet, intelligent, and with whom I had no shortage of mutual interests. We sustained conversation for about four hours, and the time went by in the blink of an eye.

The problem is that I did a little "research" before I met him. I used one of the pictures from his profile, which showed him running a race with a race number attached to his t-shirt, and looked up his result. It said he finished in 2 hours + change, but when I asked him about his pace on Sunday, he told me he'd finished in under 2!

I know I shouldn't have asked him the question, since I'm a runner and I know it's rude to ask. But he definitely shouldn't have lied to me. That was the only major red flag and now I find myself wondering whether he lied about anything else. Should I still go out with him? Should I bring it up? What do I do??? Please help!  Thanks, A


Please tell me you’re joking here because if you think he’s the red flag, well, welcome to a few paragraphs of some tough love.

Come on, if he was lying to you about his name or like, if he was a murderer, then yes, I’d tell you to sprint in the opposite direction, but questioning someone’s character over a few minutes in a race is straight up tweaked.

Obviously you just caught the dude trying to impress you. Haven’t you done that before? You know, where for some reason your mouth just pours out some random sh-t for no reason? I once told someone I rode a Shetland pony .…I don’t even know what that is. So fine, yes, by definition what he said to you was a lie, but A, chill the f-ck out.  

Look, if we’re calling out people here, then A your biggest flaw right now is thinking things will be flawless, ya dig? So stop looking for something petty to pull the plug on and instead just enjoy the ride. I’m not saying this guy's gonna be the love of your life, but why not at least find out if he’s a contender. 

Thanks for writing in and keep your questions filing in at [email protected].