I’ve been very happily dating my current boyfriend for almost 6 months now, and J has started dating his new girlfriend about 2 months ago. I’ve never met her. Apparently, J recently told her about us and our history, and now she wants to have dinner with me. Not like a double date, just the two of us.  From what he told me, she has a hard time with the idea of him being best friend with one of his exes. I have no desire to meet her one on one. I told J I’ll think about it, but I’m honestly dreading meeting her. What should I do? P


While I will agree with you that it’s odd to do a one-on-one with the chick, I think you’ve got to take one for the team, suck up the awkwardness and meet up.

Look, you and I both know that the objective for this dinner is to piss around her new man’s territory.  Is it slightly aggressive? Well, it depends on how she does it, but you can’t blame the girl for trying to set some boundaries. Sh-t P, even I can tell by your letter that your past history with J bubbles up into the present.  That can’t be fun for her.  You get that, right? 

I’m not saying that you and J are air humping or anything like that, but I’m guessing your ‘chemistry’ is pretty palpable so all I’m asking here is that maybe you take a step back and find out where she's coming from.  

P, if you really do value your friendship with J, and you really do want to see him happy, then meet up with her, let down your guard and if all she wants is a little power over her man, then throw her a bone.

Hope this helps and keep me posted! xx  And for all of you out there keep your questions coming to me at [email protected]