Dear Sasha,I have recently started dating a new guy, and generally it's going great. He's nice, smart, hot, and treats me well. The only issue I have right now is his friends....well one friend in particular. He has about four really close male friends, and then there's this girl.  She's with the five of them all the time and I've never seen her with any female friends ever. J says she is "just one of the guys", which I'm sure is true, but it still doesn't sit right.  He said he was going on a hunting/camping trip with the guys, and she's there! I go to his house, and he's on Xbox live with her playing whatever that game is. They call her their main wingman and she's always
out with them.

The main issue, however, is not that I'm jealous. I'm reasonably sure she's never hooked up with any of them and I don't think she's moving in on any of them now. I've tried to get to know her, but J has told me that S doesn't like girls in general. I'm also a super girly girl.  We are total opposites in every way, but I'm pretty sure the way to get in with the whole group is to become her friend. Is there any way to accomplish this or am I totally doomed? M

Ahh, the crotch block.  The toughest of them all.  M, I don’t envy your position one bit because I’ve been there, and it sucks nards.  Back in the day I had a boyfriend who was super tight with this girl.  Lord knows I tried every angle to find some common ground with her, but all she wanted to do was cast shade in my direction.  Sure, maybe she sniffed out that I was “trying” but like, let’s face it, she was just a mean ol’ bitch.  

M, the reason I tell you this is so you can save some goddamn time because when it comes to chicks like this, it doesn’t matter what you do or say… you’ll never win them over.  They want to be the Queen Bee and the best thing to do is let them.  As long as she’s not being a giant c-nt to your face who cares.  Not everyone has to be friends.  Now, that doesn’t mean you should be uncivilized.  Be yourself, be polite and be kind.  And to be honest this girl doesn’t even sound all that bad.  Let her play the geeky video games, let her go camping. I mean, to be honest all those activities sound heinous to me, so thank your lucky stars your boyfriend isn’t forcing you to do them, you know?   

Look M, you’re giving this girl way too much power because my friend, you’re the one with the ace up your sleeve because you know what ultimately beats a crotch block every time? An unblocked crotch.  Ya dig?