Hi Sasha, I recently started a new job and as part of this I work closely with an external company who are based in a different city (2 hour train ride, maybe less). I speak to my contact at this company, lets call him John, several times a day, as well as emailing. About a week or two ago J emailed me a casual non work related email. Since then we have been emailing on the regular, kind of flirty but very PC as it's at work.   Suffice it to say - we really hit it off! He has the most attractive voice, really funny and cute to talk to. I had a Facebook stalk and he's really good looking!

So here's my issue: I mentioned that I'm 5'2". He replies that he is too!!!! Now I knew he wasn't crazy tall from the few pictures I could see but did not realize he was that small! It sucks though cause we get on so so well! Am I being a b***h?  Help me! A


That is SO not how I thought this email would end.  This is hilarious to me.  But I’ll stop laughing because you’re obviously panicking a bit and I’m being a dick.

Now I could be wrong but my gut says that he’s taking the piss.  Of course there are a lot of short dudes out there, but for some reason I’m not buying that he’s actually 5’2.  I mean I guess he could be, so if I were you I’d get back on facebook and do some more thorough investigating.  Study his pictures and check out the height differential between him and the people and or objects he’s standing next to.  Like, there’s gotta be a picture of him next to a bike or something. So is he riding a tricycle or an adult bike?  Is he an inch or five inches above the handle bars? And there’s for sure gotta be pictures of him with his guy friends, so where does he stand in the lineup – at their waists or what?

But seriously A, regardless of whether he’s a shorty or not, I think you still need to meet up to see if there’s anything between the two of you – you never know, there could be a serious sexual spark.   Look, I’ve always dated tall guys and having someone over 6 feet was on my list of musts.   So in the beginning when I first met my husband and he didn’t meet my height I honestly thought it could have been a deal breaker.  (Lainey: true story - I remember a few months after they hooked up, Sasha came home and was IN LOVE and she was all like, ugh, but he’s so short, and then, you know, she married him.) To think that I would have given up on what I have now, over such a superficial thing, makes me question if I had Ryan Lochte Brain back then.

A, you’re already giving up on something you know nothing about and that’s not fair to him or to you.  So go on a date, see how it goes and take it from there.  I mean, that gremlin Snooki and her munchkin man look sort of cute together, don’t you think?