Sasha, I know this is going to sound petty and that like I’m an awful friend but I can’t help but feel the same way as Lainey.  I hate belly cupping!!!  And ever since my best friend got pregnant 6 months ago that’s all she does.  In EVERY picture on her instagram!  It’s grating on my last nerve and I just want to know how to deal with it.  Do I just wait it out for a few more months or can I say something? D


Here it goes …..I’m cool with the belly cup. 

I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I think it’s cute as hell. But cuteness factor aside, think about this for a moment: practically speaking, where the hell else is your friend supposed to put her arms, especially when she’s getting a picture taken? (Lainey: by her side?)

I mean, have you ever just let your arms hang dead off the side of your body? (Lainey: Yes. ALL THE TIME.) No. Of course not because that would look like crap. (Lainey: Princess Kate doesn’t look like crap.) Also, it’s not like she has a waist any more so you know, why not let her accentuate the other thing on her body i.e. the real life science experiment that’s growing a brain and limbs and fingernails inside of her. 

So here’s my advice, D: Get a grip. This is not a real life problem and if this is consuming your friendship then sorry, but you suck a bit. If you still can’t deal for another three months, here’s an idea, get off Instagram.

Thanks for writing in and if Lainey doesn’t fire me for this post keep your questions coming to [email protected].