Sasha, this might sound like a really stupid question but I feel v. bad and stressed out. So my best friend A, is getting married and as her maid of honor she bought me a necklace. A best friend gesture as well as a gift. So sweet but you guessed it SO ugly. I don’t know what to do because she was over at my house a few days ago and sadly asked me why I never wear it. I totally fumbled and stuttered and told her I love it. It was super awkward and now I don’t know what to do. Do I have to wear this thing forever or can I tell her I hate it? 


I’m pretty sure there was a Friends episode on this topic, something along the lines of Joey buying Chandler a bracelet, Joey finding out that Chandler hated it and then they all went to Central Perk. The end. Sorry, sitcoms are simple.

Unfortunately for you J, there’s no coffee shop to solve all your problems and I think we can all agree you pretty much sh-t the bed when you had the chance to tell her how you really felt, so for that reason you may have just sealed your own sartorial fate.

Or, I don’t know....maybe you might just go for a swim one day and accidentally lose it to the bottom of the ocean floor and you know, before your best friend can buy you a replacement you go and buy two really nice matching necklaces as an “I’m sorry” and then you both wear them happily ever after???????????????????????

That or make the effort to wear the damn thing on at least two occasions when you see her. Fugly be damned.