I am dating a great guy. Best guy I ever dated. When we first started dating he said he really loves caressing.

I found out that this means he constantly runs his hands all over my body, and often reaches inside my top to play with my breasts. That's all well and good during intimate times. But it happens all.the.time. It's especially irritating when I'm trying to sleep, or am cranky and tired, but it's also distracting and annoying when we're watching a movie on the couch, etc.

I have asked him to stop countless times, and have tried physically stopping him in various ways. All to no avail. He says he'll try, but immediately his hands start roaming again.

He's so kind and supportive in other ways...why does he want to keep doing something to me that he knows I don't like? On the other hand, I know he likes it so much, and I want him to be happy too. I want to compromise on this in some way, if I can.

What to do...? Deal breaker?


Let me just cut to the chase about your sitch: Your boyfriend sounds super annoying. 

Listen, I get the odd package punch in the small of the back in the morning, I get a nice cop and feel here and there, but sh-t, if he’s rubbing up on you all the god-damn time AND you don’t like it, then he needs to kind of, well, f-ck right off.

Sure, he’s the best you’ve ever dated, I don't doubt that, but that doesn't mean he's a great dude. He's not listening to you at all, in fact, he’s actually doing the complete opposite of what you’re asking. So how is that Grade A beef? It’s not.

Perhaps you think that I’m overreacting. I mean, he’s just trying to show you some love, right? But love shouldn’t give you the NO feeling. You shouldn't feel like you’re with Chester the Molester. Ya dig?

It's obviously your call at the end of the day, but in my world there's no compromise if you don't like something.  

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