Hi Sasha, my boyfriend found my latest journal.  He was unhappy with what he found as he read a comparison between himself and another guy (the comparison was only valid at the time I wrote it and no longer applies at all). 

At first he was sorry but now he's angry and wants me to tear that particular page out of my journal.  He says he can't understand why I'd want to be reminded of that part of my life.  I have been journaling since I was fourteen, and have never considered getting rid of any of the content, shameful as it may be.  Thoughts? C


Sorry, but buddy can eat a big fat dick on this one. Not only did he bitch out and totally invade your privacy, but what the sh-t is this about ripping out the page?!

Sure, if he found out that you were cheating on him, I’d have to say you were a dummy to put it in print, and too bad so sad, face the consequences. BUT the difference here is that these are your own personal feelings, thoughts and memories, so for him to try and control those is not only stupid, but also totally unrealistic. 

Look, it’s clear that whatever you wrote down hurt his feelings and made him feel insecure. So as his girlfriend, you need try and make him feel better by reassuring him how much he means to you; you know, pump up his ego a bit. But to apologize for what you wrote or to excuse his snooping is totally out of the question. 

C, there’s definitely something deeper going on here that you need to get to the bottom of. If what he did was totally out of character then that’s a sign that something needs fixing. Now if this isn’t out of character and he’s a sneaky creep then stop reading this and start running. 

I hope this helps and keep me posted! Xx