I need your help Sasha since I can't turn to my friends for this kind of advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for the past year and I absolutely love him, wouldn't trade him for the world. He just has one issue: bad breath.

He refuses to go to the dentist because he hasn't gone in years but I think that may be the reason why it does smell often. Any tips on how I can go about doing this? He's now too scared to kiss me now for fear that I may get turned off.  Thanks,S


It's weird. You know when you smell something f-cking awful and then go in for another whiff?  I do it with some of the sickest things: bad ass body odor, rotting food in my fridge, dog sh-t...but there's one thing I don’t go in for another hit for: bad breath. That stuff is like a virtual electric chair – the second it hits my olfactory senses, my fight or flight kicks in and I’m f-cking gone.

Look, there’s no doubt your problem stinks, but it’s totally solvable. I mean, you’ve been going out long enough that you should be able to tell him straight up that his breath is kicking, and he needs to suck it up and go to the dentist.

Feel free to soften up your delivery, but the point should be clear: you love him but in order to love up on him, he needs to remedy the situation. It’s really as simple as that.  

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(Lainey PS: I found this list of celebrities with bad breath – click here)