Dear Sasha, I have a childhood friend that is always mean to me. I would be there for her when she broke up with a boyfriend or needed someone to talk to, but otherwise she would ditch me. Even when we would hang out, she would talk with other friends and ignore me, until I would leave. She always wanted to be popular and would try so hard to be something she is not. My friend would make fun of me when others were around and would only pretend to be my friend when it would suit her. I was sick of being ditched by her so when she called me out of the blue, I said no to her. Well, this actually caused her to get upset and she asked my close friends why. I ran into her and all she did was brag about how great her life is and how she has so many friends, etc. I don't get it Sasha, Why would she act like this now?


Look it never feels good when someone's talking smack to your face or behind your back, and I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure her sh-ttiness for so long. But it’s time to grow a set and move the f-ck on from the friendship. I know there’s history, I know you guys share the same friends, but S, you and I both know that the bare minimum to any relationship is respect and she clearly has none for you.

Oh and trust me, anyone who goes on about how amazing life is and how many friends they have is without a doubt sitting by themselves, at home, playing candy crush. If you actually are busy, if you actually are happy, you sure as sh-t don’t have time telling people about it.

Now listen, I do give you props for finally taking a small stand here and S, I suggest you continue to do that. And if she still doesn’t get a clue as to why you’re pushing back then simply tell her why. Don’t be confrontational, or defensive, or angry - just be honest with how you feel. Who knows, maybe your truth serum will neutralize her toxicity, and if she chooses to change, then great, you can revisit the relationship with her, but if she doesn’t then I’d peace the hell out.  

Hope this helps and keep me posted! xx