Dear Sasha, I’m a recent college grad currently working as a waitress. My roommate and I both got hired three weeks ago at the same restaurant, and she quit during our first week because the restaurant owner is a pervert. She could afford to quit cause her parents are helping her out financially. I’m not in very good terms with mine, and have a significant amount of student loans to deal with in addition to rent and other expenses.
Since I started working there my boss has groped me on many occasions. He has me working overtime, late at night (and sometimes without pay), often leaving just the two of us to close the restaurant, and he straight up asked me to blow him for a raise once. I didn’t. I haven’t had many job offers since graduating, and it was either working at this restaurant or taking an unpaid internship… I can’t afford to quit or get fired right now, but I really need to get him to stop without losing my job in the process. J


Unless this restaurant is behind barbed wire on a deserted island and surrounded by sharks on bath salts, there is no f-cking good reason for you to still be there.

J, it's illegal. You’re being SEXUALLY HARRASSED. Your boss can’t just casually ask you to suck his dick, nor can he f-cking lay a creepy hand on you. This sh-t is backed by law.

I know you need the cash, but I don’t buy that you can’t get another job. This can’t be the only goddamn restaurant in the city so for the love of god, find another gig. Anything is better than sticking around where you’re at.

Seriously J, I need you to listen to me, do NOT go back there.

In the meantime, if I were you I’d file a formal complaint on the mutherf-cker. I don’t know where you live but hit me back up and let me know and I’ll find you the forms and contacts. Deal?

Thanks for writing in! xx