Dear Sasha, My friend and I are in our 20s. She is very beautiful, but she always finds the need to talk about. She brags about how many guys ask her out, how she gets away with things because of how she looks, how people tell her she is pretty, etc. The thing is, she often makes fun of how I look- she'll say my nose is too round/flat and make comments about my teeth. (Sometimes she'll just push in her own nose, looking at me and not say anything.) It makes me feel bad and insecure about my looks, even though I don't think I'm that horrible looking. I've tried talking to her about this, but she just says that I'm jealous of her. I don't know what else to do. How should I handle this? D


Straight up, your friend is a big ol’ bitch.  D, trust me when I tell you that the only way to handle this is by ending your friendship with this woman.  It’s that easy.

The whole point of having a friend is to have someone in your life who’s in your corner, someone who's supportive and trustworthy and someone who at the very least is f-cking nice.   And the chick you're talking about is none of the above. 

I mean, the fact that you’ve tried to talk to her about this and her response is that you're jealous (?!?!?!?!!?) is flat-out mental. And just as a side note: the only people who ever say “you’re just jealous” are either assholes or on Bad Girls Club – either way, both sh-tty diarrhea kinds of people.

So D, I hope you take my advice and wipe her out of your life. xx 

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