I have a sitch Sasha that I need your take on.  I just started dating this wonderful guy, we’ve been eyeing each other for a while and we finally made it official about 3 months ago.  I love him and we have such a great time together and he could be the ‘one’.  Anyway the problem.  My best friend, who I love deeply is the best thing in my life and she is also the most beautiful thing to ever walk the face of this earth.  Think Gisele.  I’ve never been threatened or jealous because I’m not bad in the face either but she’s so down to earth and never plays the beautiful card.

So the other day my bf is talking with his single friend and is telling him that he has to meet my best friend because she is “very beautiful”, “model hot”, and that he should go for her.  Sasha, I wanted to cry – I felt so ugly in that moment and so jealous.  I hate that feeling and I need you to make it go away.  F.


I hope the reason you wrote in to me is because you know I’m going to give you the straight up goods. No f-cking around, just the truth so F, here it is one sentence: Chill the f-ck out.

Look, what he said to his friend wasn't said because he wants to slap skins with her; instead it was to pop his friend’s boner with interest with the term "model hot". Come on, dudes are simple as sh-t, and while I'm sure your best friend possesses a cornucopia of wonderful personality traits, all any guy wants to know at first is if they’re hot or not. You’re telling me that if you were trying to set up your friend with a guy who looked like, I don’t know, say David Beckham, you wouldn't describe him as sh*t-your-pants hot???!!?! Really, that’s all it is, so F, don’t get yourself into some insecure tizzy over it. Also, a heads up: just because you’re in a relationship doesn't mean your eyes get erased from your face – you can and are allowed to acknowledge if someone is attractive or not.  

F, hear me out on this one – his words weren't meant to disrespect you in any way so if I were you I’d give this one a pass. However, if down the road you actually do notice some legit sketchy behaviour then hit me back up and we’ll go from there.

Thanks for writing in and keep your questions coming to [email protected]