Hi Sasha, My sister has always been into alternative medicine. It has never really been an issue and I've always just considered her a bit of a hippie.  However, she had her first child last year and recently informed me that my nephew is not vaccinated. She subscribes to the theories about vaccines causing autism (which I believe has already been completely disproven). I don't think I can talk her straight, and my brother-in-law plays a very passive role in the family. Should I just do nothing? I really don't think it is safe for my nephew to not be vaccinated and I think he is also endangering the children he will eventually go to school with. A   


I hate cilantro. Like, whenever I taste it, it’s like someone’s squatting over my mouth and sh-tting on my tongue. That’s how gross it is to me. Yah, yah, yah, cilantro lovers, I know you think I'm nuts, but sorry, there’s something fundamentally wrong with your taste buds. Not mine.

You see what I’m doing here A, right? I’m comparing cilantro to vaccines. Of course not. But I am making a loose comparison about conviction, and while the problem you’re having with your sister is much more serious in topic, the tug of war in opinion is the same, which, unfortunately for you, makes for a f-cker of a situation to be in, let alone win.

Listen, I’m on your side. I think it’s wacky dangerous sh-t not to vaccinate your child and every scientist worth their salt agrees, but your sister has clearly chugged the Jenny McCarthy Kool-Aid.  

Now as we all know it's never a good idea to tell someone how to parent, but she's your sister, which in my opinion gives you far more freedom than the average person to be pushy and assertive with your viewpoint. So while I think you have to be respectful and somewhat supportive of her, you need to express your sincere concerns by offering up any and all information, articles and studies. I can’t promise your logic will ever win over her belief, but it’s kind of the only option you have. Fingers crossed.  

Attached are a couple of starter links to have her read– click here and here.

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