Dear Sasha, I broke up with my boyfriend, C, in mid-June. After we broke up I rebounded with a guy, B. In early July I found out I was pregnant, with conception being sometime in June. B knew that the baby could belong to C. 

I tried to make a relationship work with B, but the chemistry just wasn't there. I had fallen into a depression and was craving the connection I had with C. I broke up with B and went back to C. I told C I was pregnant and that it's probably NOT his but there's a chance that it was and we'd need to get a paternity test done. C and I are really happy together and regardless of the baby being his or not, we're going to stick it out.

I have to wait for the baby to be born to have a paternity test done but am a wreck about how to handle this. Both baby daddy "candidates" want to be fully involved in the pregnancy, go to doc appointments, be in the delivery room. Their Mom's want to throw me a baby shower. I want to reiterate - I have been completely honest with all parties and they all know we won't know the paternity until a test is done.  Please help, I need a third party opinion. 


Is this an episode of Growing Pains or something? Because sh-t, T, I can’t think of a more supportive, wonderful, more positive turn of events for what could have quite frankly been a f-cking nightmare of a situation.

Look, I don’t want to play anything down because I totally understand why you’d be stressed. The anticipation of what’s to come once that baby pops out will, yes, no doubt change the dynamics of all of these relationships. But you know what I’m trying to do these days? Let the f-ck go of sh-t I can’t control. And T, it looks like you’re in need of that lesson as well.

Things are going to go down the way they go down, and there’s no point getting worked up about it until that time comes. Seriously, you can’t do anything until you know who the baby daddy is, so if I were you, I’d bask the hell out in all the support that’s around you right now. If you have two men willing to step up to the plate to help you through this then holy sh-t dude, take them up on it. And if people want to throw baby showers for you all day long, then I say make it rain nipple covers all over your tits.

And on that note……keep your questions coming to [email protected].