Hi Sasha, question for you. Today I had to bring my cat to my vet's office for an emergency visit (she's ok). Because it was a Saturday, my regular vet wasn't there, so we saw an associate of his. Sasha, I liked him! He was cute, in my age range, attentive to my beloved pet, and thoughtful and humorous in answering my questions. He's going to call me in a couple days with some more information about my cat.

My question is, is it inappropriate to ask if he'd like to go for coffee? I did not see a wedding ring. He's not my doctor. He's not even my pet's regular vet. But I'm imagining that people in "customer service" type jobs probably get hit on often and it puts them in an awkward position. Have I watched too much Grey's Anatomy (one plot line had Meredith dating her vet) to think that it's ok to act on my tiny crush, or is this thought flat-out wrong to entertain?   



Sometimes, this really sad thing happens where two people like each other but they're both too pussy ass to make a move and then they go on with their lives and get super old and gross and then die alone.

D, I don’t want this to happen to you, so I say make the move and ask him out. It’s so baller too because he’s the one calling you so it’s almost like he’s making the first move. Right? Ok, maybe not, but seriously if you don’t ask, then there’s going to be some other hot single girl who’s willing to take the risk. So beat her to the goddamn punch and do it!

I know the fear here is that he’ll say no and sh-t, if he does, I can’t pretend that it won’t sting – it will, but you’ll hang up the phone, never go back to that office and you’ll survive to live another day.

Thanks for writing in and keep me posted! xx