Since the summer I've had a flirtation with a guy at work and he recently asked me out. He's cute, nice, right around my age, but the problem is I dated a coworker at my last job and while it wasn't a bad experience, I would just prefer not to complicate my work life.  Am I making a fool out of myself if I say yes? Or am I over thinking the situation?  


I'm always confused by the "should I, or shouldn't I" date my co-worker question because isn't this the best place to date!? We spend so much of our time there and there's a half-decent chance working in the same place means you have some similar interests; I mean, it seems only natural that’s where we’d pick up ass, but yes, fine, it's also known as sh-tting in your own bed. 

So, S, here's some simple advice if you do decide to go for it: always keep your sh-t tight. That means no canoodling, no fighting, no cute faces, no bathroom make-out sessions - I'm talking zip, zero, zilch. Sure, everyone will know you guys are bumping nasties, but as a couple you should never lead on to that fact.