Hey Sasha, My English teacher’s assistant asked me out. I’m 22, and he’s 28, so it’s not that weird. We’ve started hanging out together off campus because we have a few common friends.

I like him. A lot. He’s really smart, charming, and he has a killer British accent. I told him that I like him too, but need to think about it first.  I really want to say yes, but I’m not so sure I won’t be breaking my college’s guidelines by doing so, not to mention all the drama that may come along with us dating. What should I do? S


My first instinct is: you lucky bitch! I remember wishing and praying that I’d have some fine piece of TA ass I could tap, but sadly, they all looked like Lyle Lovett. So S, should you or shouldn’t you? I think there are a few things to consider... 

First up, when it comes to your college guidelines, I’m sorry to break it to you, they’re not going to give you the go ahead to get freak nasty. He’s not only an employee of the college, but the bigger issue at play is oh, you know, that thing called favoritism - I’m sure a lot of high marks are given for sucking some grade A dick. Look, I’m not saying that would be the case or that your feelings for each other aren’t genuine, but if you get caught that’s the first thing people are going to think. 

The other complication is that buddy could totally get axed from his job. That’s just the reality of the situation, but seeing as he asked you out first, maybe he doesn’t care. (?????)  Either way you two should talk about his employment risk.

So S, the “right” thing for me to tell you here is that you shouldn’t do it and that you should wait until the semester is over, but since I base my advice on real life scenarios -- why kid ourselves -- I know you’re going to go for it. I know I would.

Here’s the deal then: you have to keep things on the major DL. The minute you step onto campus and into the classroom you have keep your sh-t tight and professional. That means limited interaction, no flirting, and zero leading on as to why your hair looked like it just got dunce capped.

Thanks for writing in and please oh please tell me everything that happens! xx 
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