Hi Sasha,
I've been contemplating getting a very subtle nose piercing for a long time.. I'm pretty conservative with my appearance but I just think they're so beautiful! My question is this: do I get one? Do I get it done on my 'better' side or not?  P

I’ve just spent the last hour in a rabbit hole of Google images reminiscing my favourite nose ringed celebrity. No, not Gwen, Nicole, Xtina or even Janet. No. The best one of all time will always be Lisa Bonet, especially when she had a matching hoop to Lenny. We should probably listen to some Lenny Kravitz right about now….

Okay, now that I’m all jacked up on nosey nostalgia my answer is obviously yes!!! Get one. But only if you’ve really made sure that you’ve got the honker for it. Let’s discuss some of the criteria you’ll need to check off before doing the deed.

The first is nostril size – are yours the same size? I’m not saying they have to be perfectly symmetrical, but are they at least the same sorta shape to the eye? If yes, then this a good start. 

Next, have you done a practice run? You know, stick a piece of something to the side of your nose to make sure you can pull it off?  If not, run to your nearest craft store, plaster something bedazzled on there and rock out with your cock out all week long. Then, put on your dressiest most formal outfit and check yourself out in the mirror – do you still look elegant and polished and exactly how you want to look? If your answer is still yes, things are looking really good for you.

Finally, have you researched the actual nose ring you want? You need to see what’s out there because it all comes down to the right gem. Subtlety works in your favour in this situation, so go simple. Don’t go for anything with a big backing either because there’s nothing grosser to me then when it looks like you have a dingleberry hanging out. So keep that sh-t tight and to the skin.  

D, if you've made it to the end of this and you've answered YES 3 for 3 then you totally have my blessing - get 'er done! If you're 2 for 3 - wait it out one more year because you've still got cold feet. If you're only 1 for 3 - call it a day; it ain't your thing. 

Oh and as for your question as where to put it, I mean, if you don't want to show that sucker off then why get it at all. So yes, place it on your good side and work that sh-t out.

Thanks for writing in and I better get a picture STAT! xx