Hi Sasha, I ended an emotionally abusive relationship last year, It's been a few months since all of this has occurred, and I'm not back in the dating game. I don't even want to be close to it. Part of me feels this pressure to get out there and get looking because I'm in my late 20s, but I'm also just fine being single for a long while because I haven't been. Is this normal or am I doomed to be bitter and alone? (I should clarify I don't feel bitter, just tired). Thanks! T


I can’t tell you how relieved I am to read your email because typically I’d have to beg and plead with someone to realize that they’re not ready to get back on the dating scene. So T, right the f-ck on for giving yourself some breathing room – you need it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Even when a healthy relationship ends you've gotta peace out of the scene to sort through all the emotions, so T, the fact that you’re coming out of one that was so damaging means you truly do need this time.

But sh-t dude, I'm three paragraphs in and I forgot to first say how HAPPY I am for you that you ended that relationship! It takes so much emotional strength to break free and because you have that in you, I have no doubt you’ll have the same strength to work through this next phase of your life. Now I’m not sure what you’re doing to get there, but if you’re open to some reading material then click here for a really eye opening book.

T, the long and short of it is:  f-ck the pressure.  Do whatever it takes to get you to a healthy and happy place. You’ll know when you’re ready and when you are, make sure that this time around you don’t settle for anything but the highest and finest quality partner!

Hope this helps and keep me posted! xx