Can you get Sasha to find cozy sweaters with elbow patches. S


I love me a good elbow patch so S, let’s get straight to some of my favorite picks.

Hearts, people, HEARTS! I love them on everything and ASOS has two sweet sweater styles with just that.  Get clicking here,  and here

Oh wait, wait, wait I’m not done yet because I just found another one.  Check out this striped Madewell sweater which is warming the cockles of my love muscle.

But fine, if hearts are too femme for your liking then click here, and here and here for some cardi styles that will be lifelong partners in your closet.

Emma Stone has really become quite the fashion star when it comes to her street style and just last week I spotted her in this elbow patched cardigan of her own.   I know it says it’s sold out, but apparently they are restocking very soon, so make sure to check back often.

Lastly, I give you Valentine K.  This Canadian line is full of covetable cashmere and guess what?  The elbow patch is their MO.  Every piece is adorned with one and people, I’m telling you, if you know what’s good for you then you’ll need to cozy up in one of them this winter.  Lainey’s bought one two weeks ago - the houndstooth - and is obsessed with it.

Happy Shopping!