Hi Sasha: So I need a bit of career advice. I´m 24 years old, just last year I finished University, the problem is that I´m working in a place where i don’t really feel comfortable or motivated. I´m afraid that if I quit, i will take a few months to get another job, but i really dont want to keep working here.  

This is my first job after University, and it took me like 2 months to get it, it’s not exactly what I wanted to do, but I needed the money.   I've tried to find another job while, but it’s really difficult to go to interviews, when I’m working from 8:30-6.  I hope you can help me with this.  L

Ah yes, the quarter life crisis.  I remember when I finished university I had a full on f-cking meltdown.  I had all these hopes and dreams of becoming a bad ass bitch, but the only job I could get was sh-t on a stick.  I even stooped to being Tara Reid’s personal assistant at one point, but I’ll save that soul destroying story for when someone writes in and is REALLY depressed and lost.  Anyway, point is it was a harsh ball sucking reality, but L, sh-tty jobs are kind of a rite of passage at your age.   I guess what I’m trying to say here is, join the club. This I'm-lost-and-totally-terrified period is completely normal.   

So what to do?

I don’t know what your current job is, but my first suggestion would be to take some initiative and see if you can make your day-to-day duties more interesting. So schedule a meeting with your boss and discuss taking on more challenges.   Does that make you want to puke a bit?  Fine, moving on…

Next, take on a passion project.  Aren’t all you young 20-somethings supposed to be internet tycoons?  Duana blew my mind a couple of months ago when she showed me all these 16 year old internet stars that are now famous from “hauling” videos.   Like, all they do is go to KMART, buy a shirt and lipstick and then talk about it. Instant Fame. The f-ck?!  Okay, don’t whore yourself that way, but L, start a blog or website on something that interests you.  Better yet, start volunteering during your spare time. The bottom line is you need to start figuring out your strengths, and side projects are a really good way to get inspired.

Lastly, why limit yourself? Do all of the above AND keep hustling for a new job.  Look L, you’re not the first person who has a full time job who’s also looking for another.  Difficult does not mean impossible, so if that means calling in sick one day or faking a dentist appointment to take an interview – do it.  

Hope this helps! Keep me posted xx