So if your in laws wanted to go on a big family vacation and you don't, do you do it for the family experience? My in-laws want to go on a cruise with the entire family including 5 grandkids, we have done this twice and both times I have got motion sickness. The kind of sea sickness you can't leave the bed. They all love cruises. Love them. We have made suggestions and researched other kinds of trips, but the majority of the group want to go on a cruise. Do we suck it up and go for the family? My husband taking the kids by himself is not an option.  Advice? O


This question comes at the perfect time because I just got back from my first family vacation with my husband’s family. Now before I go on, let me own up to something: I’m a big vacation snob. I just feel like if I’m paying to get on an airplane - which is, like, my least favorite thing to do - then it better transport me to a dope-ass location with a dope-ass set-up. And let’s just say none of these requirements were met on said family vacation.

But do you know who the dink head was going into this situation? ME. All ME. Because despite the less than lux surroundings, the time spent with everyone was invaluable. Sorry to sound like a MasterCard commercial, but it’s true. The older we get, the less time we have with people we truly care about and that should trump every, and all, our piddly concerns.

Something I do when I really want to hike up the anxiety is think about how much more time I have with all the people I love. You know, how many more big holidays I get to celebrate with them and the depressing part is that you can almost count them on both hands. BOTH HANDS!  

Oh, listen, I know the sea sickness is a real issue for you, but are we talking one day or the whole goddamn trip? Now because I don’t have you in front of me for the answer, I’m going to trust my gut and say that I think you might be sprinkling a bit of drama dust on me. I don’t doubt that it takes time to get your sea legs, but unless your family members are sadistic assholes I’m pretty sure that if you were bed-ridden and f-cked up for the whole vacation they would never make you go on a cruise a second time let alone a third. 

Either way though, I do think you and your husband are allowed to voice your concerns and opinions on this. So if you haven’t used the sickness card then whip that sh-t out, and campaign hard to go somewhere else. However though, if at the end of the day, majority rules, then I’m sorry, you and your barf mouth are just going to have to suck it up.  

Go get a good prescription for sea-sickness meds, and remember, at least the midnight buffets rule! Hope this helps and send me pictures! xx