Need help.  I had a summer fling with guy A.  It ended (we lived in different states).  now i'm seeing this amazing guy B.  It’s been 5 months. Guy B is everything i've ever wanted (sweet, kind, dependable).  Looks wise, he's not who i would've normally gone out with.  Outside of that, he checks every qualification.
My problem is that i still can't help but think about Guy A.   So what is my problem? i can't wait to talk to Guy B every night.  i can't wait to see him all the time.  i trust him completely.  Why can't i stop thinking about Guy A? Did i mention that i Facebook stalk Guy A.  He has a new girlfriend and i'm jealous! i feel guilty.  Guy B deserves for me to be with him completely. Why can't I?


Here’s an idea! Maybe it’s time to be single because you’re sure as sh-t not acting like you want to be in a relationship, let alone in one with B.

Look, you can go on all day about why B is this awesome, wonderful guy, but he can’t be all that awesome and wonderful if all you want is to think and dream about A. So why not just own up to the fact that you’re not really into B or this relationship. 

Oh sh-t, have I pissed you off? 

Well, then, prove to me that you want it, actually, don’t prove it to me, prove it to yourself. If B is the one you want to be with, then stop investing your emotions in someone else.  

Listen, what you’re doing right now is benefiting no one. You’re not only screwing B out of a fair chance at a good relationship, but you’re screwing yourself out of one too. So sh-t or get off the pot. Stop acting like this is all out of your control because it isn’t. If what you want is to be in a relationship then make the decision to be IN it. It’s that easy. 

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