Hey Sasha! I am getting married next July and need some advice in regards to the wedding party. I picked my bridesmaids and my maid of honor. My bridesmaids are composed of my sister, my cousin, and four of my best girlfriends. My fiancé, G, finally decided on who will be his groomsmen. He decided to choose all guys that are all part of his family in some way; he didn't want to choose between his many good friends. G has 2 sisters and he is including their husbands in the wedding party as well as my 2 brothers. I told him it was fine if my brothers are not in the wedding party considering I would not be asking his sisters. I love his sisters, but the girls I have picked to be bridesmaids are all very special to me and have played very important roles in my life and my relationship with G. G is not upset that his sisters are not in the wedding party and has expressed that he completely understands. I just need to know if you think it's weird that they are not in the wedding party considering their husbands and my 2 brothers will be. Thanks, M


When it came down to planning my own wedding there were only two things I cared about:

1. Everyone had to dance their faces off and
2. My best buds had to be next to me. 

Oh right, and I had to love the dude across from me.

M, I’m sure you’re quickly discovering there are a lot of rules and regs that come with the territory of organizing your big day.  Everyone says it’s about you and your husband, but they’re all a bunch of liars – what they really want is for you to make sure that everyone’s emotions are taken into account, so quite frankly, it’s a f-cking nightmare.  

Having said that, you obviously want every one of your guests to have fun, but M, that doesn’t mean it should come at the cost of what is important to you.  So if what’s going to make you really happy is seeing only your homegirls up there with you then don’t compromise on that.

I get it that you don’t want to ruffle any family feathers so here’s an idea… why not ask them to be the MCs.  Could that work? 

If not, there are other ways you can make them feel included. Like asking them to wear the same color as your bridesmaids, or making sure that when you’re dolling out the BM gifts they get one too, or having the two of them announce your first dance.  See? So many options, so don’t stress, just pick one.  Problem solved.

(Lainey - I’m attaching my favourite celebrity wedding photo of all time because, clearly, there was no formula or any discernible rationale whatsoever for the selection of this particular wedding party.)

Thanks for writing in and keep your LIFE + STYLE questions coming at me here