Dear Sasha, I don't know what to do about my best friend, E. She was not-quite dating her other best friend, A, but they are basically estranged at the moment while A tries to deal with whatever mental health issues cause her to be abusive to E. Since they made this decision to barely talk, E and I have been sleeping together. She says she loves me, says I'm beautiful and amazing and whatever...but still is hoping that A will be able to get over her issues so they can officially be together. . Personally I don't think it's ever possible for someone to just stop being abusive, so I'm holding out hope that given enough time E will fall for me too. Do I have a chance, or will E always be in love with A? C


Side piece. Sloppy Seconds. Time Filler. Goomad. However you wanna slice it, that’s what you are. Sorry. 

Listen, I'm not saying that she doesn't have some feelings for you, but this chick is way too mixed up in her last relationship with A to find any real place for you. I know you think you can save her and show her a better, healthier relationship, which, I don’t doubt you’re capable of, but she’s not ready for that and since that’s the case, it doesn’t matter what you do or say – it ain't gonna work.

I mean, even if she did make a clean break for A, she’d still need time to heal from the abuse and if you care about her you’d make sure she’d give herself that time as well. So I don’t know, do you have a chance sometime in the future? Sure. But homie, let’s talk about right now because right now she’s telling you she still loves someone else more than you. I know that’s some harsh sh-t for me to lay on you, but that’s just the sitch you’re dealing with.

You. Deserve. More. I’m hoping those three words are all you need to get yourself out of this situation, because if I'm keeping it real, it's one that doesn't truly value or appreciate you.

Thanks for writing in! xx