Hi Sasha, I have to attend a 1920s themed wedding in the south this summer. While I don't want to be the party pooper who ignores the theme, I would also like to be able to wear the dress to other occasions later. Thanks! A

The goal here is to get down with the theme, but no look too costumey and A, I’ve got your back with some really great wearable 20s styled dresses.

If the wedding leans towards more black tie attire then this Sue Wong get-up is the perfect pick. 

Next up is this Phoebe Couture tasseled number.  It’s got just enough flare to stand on its own, but if you wanted to up the style ante, pin your hair back with a great art deco clip and throw on some flashy bangles. Done and Done.

Keeping on the tassel tip, feast your eyes on this stunning Mikael Aghal's dress. Love the beaded neckline, the midnight blue tiered fringe and at 65% percent off, I’m going to stop talking so you can buy it NOW!

If you’re willing to show some leg, this drop waist beaded stunner is the way to go.  Strap on some sky high heels and for an updated twist throw on a black tuxedo blazer.  

I feel like if the bride is implementing a theme like this you get the green light on any color.  So if you have the balls to wear white, this one by French Connection is a stellar pick.

Last up is this black gown with a really cool gauzy overlay.  I don’t know if they really wore sh-t like this in the 20s, but let’s just pretend they did.  The dress is the perfect balance of Florence Welch meets Lucy from Boardwalk Empire.

Have fun and send me some pictures! xx