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Sasha Posted by Sasha at May 24, 2012 18:30:38 May 24, 2012 18:30:38

Hi Sasha, I saw this great constellation-printed scarf on The Secret Circle episode from Apr. 26 - could you tell me who makes it or where to purchase it? It's so cute! Thanks K

Do I get any points for effort? I really really tried, but the shopping gods were not on my side this time.  I even joined The Secret Circle facebook fan club and asked those nerds for help. Nothing. Sorry.  But I did want to answer your question anyway because constellation prints and or galaxy prints are going to be coming on strong for fall.  So let me ease your disappointment with some of my favorite picks.
I know you were hoping for a scarf, so hopefully the following links fill the void.  Click here, here, here and one more here.  
Now let’s move on to some other starry items…
Christopher Kane really popularized this trend last year.  Remember Carrie Mulligan’s dress?!  I loved it so much. So for some out of this world dresses get clicking here, here and here (press look #3).
I recently saw a girl wearing these Rag & Bone jeans and holy sh-t did they ever look amazing.  I’ve looked everywhere for them and the only place I can find them is at Harvey Nick’s.  Start calling in some international favors now, I know I’m going to….
If you want to get in and out of this trend then a top is the easiest way to go about it.  You can do it with a blouse, a casual tank or an oversized t-shirt.  Or mash two galaxy printed separates together like this great look from Wonders Cease.
I’ll leave you with a kick ass ETSY store that is stocked to the tits with these prints.  From really cool structured dresses to flowy mini-skirts to tunics…. they have it all covered.  

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