It hasn’t stopped raining on the west coast. Need you to find me some cute ankle boots that I can wear all day long and even at work.  D

Thank you for writing with this question because I need a pair of cute wellies for all this wet weather as well, so let’s shop together.

I’ll kick things off with this Loeffler Randall pair.  I know, I know, I’ve linked to them before, but they’re just so damn good.  

Have you heard of Bogs before?  Either way put them on your radar because they’re getting a lot of fashion traction as the go-to rain boot.  I love these bright yellow ones because, well, if there’s no sun to look at this is as close as it’s gonna get.

Holy sh-t why are these so cute and so cheap?!

I’m so impressed by how brands are designing rain boots to look just like a regular shoe so D, if you’re looking to jump in puddles with some steez then click here, and here.

Finally, at the end of the day if all you want is a plain ol’ pair of black rubbers then look no further than here and here.

Thanks for writing in and keep those LIFE + STYLE questions coming my way to [email protected]