Hi Sasha! Lainey posted a pic of herself in these awesome adorable sweatpants and I want some too!  I need them to be cuffed and cute and fun prints like hers and ideally no more than 150.00 if that! SO much thanks to you!!!! K


Yes, Lainey sure does loves her sweats, but don’t worry K, I’ll find you something just as fly!

Let’s kick things off with some leopard because who the hell doesn’t love some feline fun?!  I know I do and K, if you can get down with it then take a look at these (1). But if you’re looking to spend even less than no worries, I’ve got you covered with the following pair right here (2).

Sasha Finds: Awesome Sweatpants

Lainey and I both love a good swag in the front our of joggers and K, if too like to ride low then peep out these suckers (3).

Sasha Finds: Awesome Sweatpants

You wanted cute and there’s nothing dang cuter than a pair of lip smacked sweatpants and I’m all about this (4) pair over at Shopbop.

Trend alert:  Camo is making an even bigger comeback than usual for next season!  So if you wanna ride that fashion pony then these (5) are most definitely the ones you’ll want to get up on.

Okay, this next pair isn’t a hot trend or anything, but if you want to floss out like Miley then by all means, get your style high on with these (6).

Sasha Finds: Awesome Sweatpants

Fine, if those last ones were too progressive then let’s take it down a notch and embrace our inner bohemia with these (7) luxed-out, embellished beauties.

Sasha Finds: Awesome Sweatpants

Finally, I know you asked for printed, but just in case you were open to something a bit tamer not only in pattern but in price then I needed to show you this last pair (8).  I don’t know….sometimes less is more.

Thanks for writing in and keep your questions coming to [email protected].