I have a big ol’ beauty boner for Beautycounter - not only are they leading the way in non-toxic beauty but like, their sh-t is undeniably great. I’ve written about them before but I’m back again to let you in on one of my diehards .... the cream blush:

If you’ve worked with a cream blush you know that they are hard to perfect - they either go on too streaky, too creamy, too hard or just don’t go on at all. But the beauty brains behind this formula deserve a solid skin slap, because they've mixed up the perfect dewy brew!

My color of choice is Umber - it's a glorious toasty brown that looks 100 on every skin type. I dab it on my cheeks for an even flush, a little smear in the middle of my forehead (a tip that my best friend who doesn’t know I exist, Tata Harper, told me about) and it also does double-duty as my lipstick. 

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