Hi Sasha,
I love Beyonce's outfit- casual but stylish. I know the whole look will be outside of my budget but am hoping you can make suggestions that are affordable for an everyday person. Thanks!

I think it would be good for human kind to see Beyoncé look like a dog just one god damn time. But sh-t, even with no makeup and windblown hair she looks stunning.  Ugh.  Anyway K, let’s breakdown B’s get up…..

First, let’s tackle those cute kitty flats. They’re by Charlotte Olympia and you can buy them right  here.  They’re now well over 50% off, so if you can splurge a bit I wouldn’t waste any time. If that doesn’t fit your budget then click away at some other options here, here, here, here and here.

Moving on up to those harem pants. The key to making this kind of pant work is to find a relaxed fit BUT not so relaxed that it looks like you sh-t your drawers.  I’ve found some really great pairs here, here, here, here and for a hit of color click here.
Finally, to her easy loose fitting blouse.  If there is any place to spend a little more it would be on a top, and I’ve found some really wearable and versatile silk blouses.  Get clicking here, here, here, here and one more here.

There you have it! Send me a snap when you’ve put it all together.  Thanks for your letter and keep sending your style questions to [email protected]