Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s grey sweatshirt

Sasha Posted by Sasha at September 19, 2013 17:24:05 September 19, 2013 17:24:05

As I do on my lunch breaks, I stalk Beyonce’s tumblr and I’m obsessed with that sweater she’s wearing – can you find it for me, Sasha!!!! 


Easy Peasy! It’s Phillip Lim and you can cop it right here (1). But if dropping almost 8 bills isn’t your reality then let me find you some other embroidered options!

Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s grey sweatshirt

The Kenzo sweater is a staple in many celebrity closets and this (2) embroidered Eiffel tower one is a favorite. Oh, and for a brand new Kenzo design that I bet you’ll see a lot of people sporting click here (3).

Animals are going to be splattered on everyone’s chest this season, so if you want to get up on that trend bandwagon as well, check out this (4) panther sweatshirt by Tibi.

Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s grey sweatshirt

If what caught your eye in that Beyonce snap was the script detail, well, you can get the same effect with something like this (5).

Now, I know embroidery was the theme here, but f-ck that noise because all you really need to do is pick up a great sweatshirt! So go metallic (6), add some jewels (7), sh-t, go plain old grey (8); point is, you’ll still look the part if you pair it up with heels and jeans.

Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s grey sweatshirt

Speaking of jeans….. I know you didn’t ask, but if you want the exact pair Bey’s wearing in the picture then click here (9). 

Sasha Finds: Beyonce’s grey sweatshirt

Oh and her shoes are Gianvito Rossi (10) – I couldn’t find the same color, but I’ve gotta say I’m digging the black and silver combo better anyway.

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